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My Mom came to Fox Hill Center for rehab after a fall. She is now in long-term care at this facility. Overall I am satisfied with the care she has been given. The RN’s and CNA‘s have done a really wonderful job with her. Administration has done their best to address needs as they come up. Like every other long-term care facility right now, short staffing can still be an issue. The facility is clean and staff is friendly. I would recommend Fox Hill Center if you are unable to care for your loved one at home. A big positive shout out again to the direct care staff that work with my mom, I will be forever grateful for all your care and compassion towards her.

-Dan S.

My Grandmother had a special home at Fox Hill Center. She was loved and cared for with respect and her dignity. She was given the opportunity to live out her last years in a safe environment, surrounded by her worldly possessions. Thank-you isn’t enough! I will be forever grateful to everyone at Fox Hill.

-Siree M.

The staff is kind and professional. Hazel specifically is an angel. For her it’s not just a job caring for people its a passion. With her gentle urging mom gets out of bed gets dressed goes to dining room and activities. This did not happen in the previous place. Every night I thank God for bring Hazel to care for mom.

 -Helena W.

This review is long overdue. In early 2019 my mother had an unexpected accident and I had very little time to place her in long term care. Once I met Debbie Orth I knew I had found the right place for my mother. She is understanding, helpful, and honest. The staff are kind, professional, and caring. Jonah Kraus is wonderful and very responsive. Recreation is creative and really tries to be inclusive for everyone’s needs. The P/T, health care team, and staff are amazing. The kitchen does a great job. It really does feel like a family at Fox Hill. Thank you all for taking such good care of my mother.

-Melanie S.

Fox Hill has always been very conscious of making sure standards and protocols are followed. Since day one my mother being a resident there and even more with the Covid outbreak they have been great and the staff is very well qualified. Great steps have been taken to protect the residents while offering each resident proper care. And the listen to families while always issuing information to us.

-Richard A.

Very Caring Nursing and Admin Staff: Unexpectedly, right before the “C” word (COVID) hit. I had to place my mother into a nursing home. With my head spinning, and no clue how to navigate this whole process, the staff, both nursing and administration were extremely helpful and supportive. When she became a permanent resident, her doctors were unsure how much time she had left. I don’t know what kind of magic they worked but I am not joking when I say they nursed my mother back to health. I joke that my mom was the only person who thrived through COVID. The entire staff is amazing! When as a family we cant be there I wouldn’t want my mom anywhere else. I cant thank my Fox Hill family enough!

-Robyn D.

Caring Relationships Resonate!

The close relationships forged between staff and family at Complete Care at Fox Hill are authentic. That’s why so many of the individuals who have gotten better under our care keep up with us. Many share their family milestones, send us photos of their loved ones, call our staff members on their birthdays—or just send us their best holiday wishes.


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